Ticketless parking is here

Marketown has introduced ticketless parking to the eastern multi-level carpark (Woolworths/Big W side) to provide customers with added convenience when shopping at the centre. From Monday 26th August 2019, the new system was activated. The first two hours will remain free. Rates apply to vehicles overstaying the two hour time limit.
The improvements will help to increase parking availability for Marketown’s customers and retailers.

There will be no changes to the western open-air carpark and will remain as a City of Newcastle Council patrolled parking area, which is a 3P zone. Council fines will apply to those who have overstayed the 3P limit if parked in the western carpark.
What does this change mean for me?
If you are a frequent user of the eastern multi-level carpark, registration plate recognition technology will be used when vehicles enter and exiting the carpark via Steel and Ravenshaw Streets for P1, P2 & P3 levels. Your vehicle registration becomes your ticket.

Parking rates for Marketown East as of Monday 26th August 2019

Hours Rate
0 – 2 hours FREE
2 – 3 hours $3.00
3 – 4 hours $4.00
4 – 5 hours $8.00
5 – 6 hours $12.00
6 – 7 hours $16.00
7 – 8 hours $20.00
8+ hours $24.00

Want to know more? 
FAQ sheet is available to download here.  If you have a parking question that is not answered within the FAQ please send your feedback via our Contact Us page and we'll repsond as soon as we can.