Craig Cook's Prime Quality Meats

Craig Cook has filled his beautifully presented stores with farm-raised, locally produced, hormone free meat brands for more than 30 years. Every meat brand has been hand selected.

Top calibre meats. Craig Cook's name is emblazoned on all his storefronts and Craig stands behind all the meat that he sells. He has been an advocate for naturally farm raised, humanely produced, hormone free meat since 1980.
Spearheading Craig Cook's collection of top tier meat brands is his own - Tova Platinum Grass-Fed Beef and Lamb. "We know our own because we grow our own", is the credo Craig utters with pride. His own animals are raised free range on his lush Southern Highlands pasturelands without chemicals or cruelty. The farmer who tends his animals is a multi Royal Agricultural Society of NSW award winner.
Craig's standards for Tova Platinum are extremely high and all of Craig's hand selected meat brands equally uphold his values. Humane rearing and respect for nature are the two criteria on which Craig will not compromise. Never has, never will.

RSPCA certified Otway and Gooralie free range pork, Royal Sydney Fine Food Gold Champion 2010 Jelm Pastoral lamb, Pooginagoric free range turkey, Bega Valley Pasture-Fed chicken, Barossa free range chicken, Game Gourmet ethically reared produce - these are some of the brands that proudly wear their names in your Craig Cook's Prime Quality Meats store.

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