Zero-waste shopping revolution

Welcome to our zero-waste world by The Source Bulk Foods. They believe we can make a difference to your family, the local community and to the planet, which is why Newcastle local Leanne opened The Source Bulk Foods at Marketown, Newcastle West.

Here's more about The Source Bulk Foods:

We are as passionate about reducing the amount of plastic on this earth as you are. This means REMOVING it from our supply chain completely.

Not only are we focused on removing plastic and packaging to our customers, we are just as active in removing plastic from our suppliers and supply chain in general. We work tirelessly with suppliers and manufacturers to encourage their reduction of plastic and unnecessary waste. In fact we have created a dedicated project team to identify product by product – supplier by supplier where the changes need to be made to achieve our goal of a zero plastic supply chain. When a supplier, grower or manufacturer applies to supply The Source Bulk Foods, certain criteria must be shown to confirm that the product is delivered free of plastic or show they are in the process of converting to a compostable format.
By choosing to buy bulk and recycling your containers, not only can you buy as much or as little as you want, you are also deciding to make a difference.
Our top 3 tips to zero-waste can be viewed on our Blog. Be sure to check it out here!

Visit The Source Bulk Foods on Marketown East, opposite Woolworths.